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Bruce Cockburn - Bruce used his Karol Baritone on the following tracks:

     Peace March, from Life Short Call Now

     Lois on the Autobahn, from Small Source of Comfort

     Gifts, from Small Source of Comfort

Stephen Bennett - Stephen used his Karol Baritone on the following tracks:

     You Really Got Me, from In-a-Gadda-Da-Stephen

Tommy Emmanuel

     Aura Lee, from The Water is Wide, a Stephen Bennett tribute CD

Calum Graham - Calum used a Karol baritone on the following tracks:

     First Ride -  a duet with Don Ross, on 12:34

     It is What it is - a duet with Don Ross, on 12:34


James Clark Jones - James used his Karol Signature SS, and Karol nylon string on this CD

    CD, The Days of Convenience

Sean Meredith Jones - Sean used his Karol tele, strat, and Signature SS on this CD

     CD, Turn Up the Good

John McMillan - John used his Karol Belair harp, baritone, and the Black Widow on this CD

     CD, Stillwater



Links to Friends, Players, and interesting places ...



Stephen Bennett: My good friend and Karol baritone player's site. A harp guitarist from another world!

Tommy Emmanuel: Tommy has played all over the world and now has a Karol baritone to make the trip with him

Bruce Cockburn: One of Canada's best - an amazing songwriter and performer. Bruce plays and records with a Karol baritone. Here are some pictures taken in concert.

Sean Merideth-Jones: SMJ plays a Karol Signature acoustic, a Karol strat style, and a Karol tele style

Jay Calder: See Jay around southern Ontario playing his all walnut Karol Signature.

Adam Smale:  Student Adam Smale's site, he built a 7 string classical in my course.

James Clark Jones: Check out James outlook on life around Toronto with his Bubinga Karol Signature, and his newly acquired fave, a Karol nylon crossover model !!!

Retailers, equipment and builder's sources

The Twelfth Fret: Best guitar shop in Toronto .. hands down

K&K Sound: Pure Western's and Trinity's are in quite a few Karol's out there

Exotic Woods: The name says it all - Hi guys !!!

A & M Wood Specialty: For lovers of wood .. yep, thats me - A&M in Cambridge

De Paule Supply: Hi Andy, love that Paua Abalone ... awesome precut inlay patterns

Sprucetonewood: Located in Terrace, BC, a great source for spruce and cedar tops

Other sites of interest An excellent source of information. Follow my build of a Belair Harp here.

Official Luthiers Forum: Where builders of all levels unite ...

Musical Instrument Makers Forum: Another great source of info for builders... A must for all Hedges lovers