Anthony Karol - Guitar Maker

A life long pursuit ..... At age 12, I began to play the guitar, something I fell in love with immediately. Thirty-plus years later, I still enjoy playing and learning all I can. It wasn't long before I wanted a better instrument than I had, but couldn't afford to buy one. With the help of my high school wood-shop teacher I made an electric guitar body, and used a bolt-on neck I already had to complete the instrument. I had found my passion in life - building and modifying guitars to achieve the utmost in appearance and performance.

It was a few years later that I first saw a Larrivee acoustic guitar - a handmade cutaway model with astonishing inlay work done by Jean's wife Wendy. Beyond the look and beauty of the guitar, I was taken more so by the sound - it was stunningly beautiful. It played like a dream with its smooth low action - unlike most other acoustic steel strings I had ever played. I knew that someday I had to have one. I knew that someday I would build one ...

Building all instruments solo in my shop, I create between 8 and 10 works of art per year. I make each guitar one at a time, carefully selecting and shaping each part to bring the best out of the materials chosen.

Isn't it time that you made the investment into an instrument hand built for you ? Call me and let's discuss the one of a kind of instrument of your dreams !!!